Born in the Sea

Inspired by the tradition and history of San Mateo, a fishing village located ten minutes away from the city of Manta, known for its warm, cheerful and entrepreneurial people identified by its passion for the sea and the traditional fishing where the art of capturing fish is in the people’s blood and is taken down from generation to generation ... Alimesa Alimentos San Mateo is born in honor of this millenary art forged by our fishermen and thanks to their work all the richness of our marine products are known around the world.

ALIMESA belongs to two major processors of seafood from Ecuador: Expotuna and Frigolab San Mateo located in Guayaquil and Manta respectively and together with Alfa Gamma Group in the United States are a valuable corporate group with extensive experience and recognition commercializing the best of our sea to the most demanding markets in the world.

ALIMESA is a brand which its objective is to commercialize in the country sea exportation quality products, in order to satisfy needs for hotels, restaurants, catering, supermarkets, stores and the general public.