Nuestras Marcas

We are committed to offer the Ecuadorian market with quality export level products. Alimesa and San Mateo are a rich, healthy and nutritious alternative that we develop in new packaging presentations.

We select the best of our own fishing and process it directly in our modern plants to ensure a really fresh and tasty product.

Alimesa Economic Line

It is a range of products that offers a food solution of fish with prices within the reach of the Ecuadorian family economy, developed in practical presentations and cuts ready to season and prepare.

You can enjoy:

  • Dorado Portions
  • Albacora fillets
  • Swordfish Portions
  • Picudo Portions
  • Corvinilla Fillets
  • Red Picudo Lot
  • White Picudo Portions
  • Hake Fillets
  • Caritas Pacific fish

Alimesa Domestic Line

Alimesa Domestic Line and Microbusiness is a special line of our series of premium products, packaged hygienically in presentations of 5lbs, for direct sale to homes that want a healthy and nutritious diet.

Also intended for people who start their own business selling food as a banqueting service, caterings or organizers for parties and events.

You can enjoy:

  • Golden Mahi Mahi
  • Corvina Portions
  • Picudo Servings
  • Sword Steak
  • Tuna Steak
  • IQF R & D shrimp (medium and large)

San Mateo
We know the sea

Premium products with export quality. Fine cuts and steaks selected for the best gourmet cuisine now in your home.

  • Fillets of Dorado            1lb - 2lb
  • Fillets of Corvina            1lb - 2lb
  • Fillets of Swordfish        1lb - 2lb
  • Fillets of Picudo             1lb - 2lb
  • Tuna fillets                      1lb – 2lb

Coming soon to the best supermarkets.