Our Plants

Expotuna S.A.

It is a processing and marketing industry of frozen seafood, which began its activities in 2005 and is committed to the continuous improvement in the processes of quality, food and industrial safety.

It is a company that meets the highest quality standards, its products are validated every six months by the INP (National Fisheries Institute) and annually at the international level complies with the BRC (British Retail Consortium) food safety requirements to a grade "A".

The plant is strategically located in the city of Guayaquil which has a great geographical advantage, located a few hours from the two important ports Guayaquil and Manta in Ecuador, which allows a constant supply of fresh seafood and ease of shipping containers for agile transportation fulfilling the commitment of efficiency, quality and punctuality in the delivery of the product.

The technical quality control team constantly monitors and analyzes each and every one of the production processes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to always guarantee the highest quality.

We place special emphasis on the care of products which are subject to rigorous national and international inspections from the moment the fish is caught until processed, packed, stored and shipped; this makes it possible to guarantee its traceability and offer 100% quality according to the demand of competitive markets.

We have recently increased our capacity for capture, production and storage so we are able to meet global demand for products and competitive prices through our different brands.

Expotuna - Selection
Expotuna - Frozen / Storage

Frigolab San Mateo

Frigolab San Mateo is a private company located in Manta, Ecuador and it’s a member of a conglomerate of companies that offer marine products for distribution in different parts of the world.

Frigolab has been in business for more than 20 years engaged in catching, processing, exporting and marketing fresh or frozen fish.

We own and operate the largest and most modern frozen seafood factory in the region with 15,000 square meters of infrastructure. In addition, the state-of-the-art technology such as thermoforming machines, automatic sorters, metal detectors, cutting machines and freezing tunnels allow the products to be kept at a temperature of -45 ° C, which is an important factor in ensuring the quality and conservation of the product is optimal.

Frigolab San Mateo has NSF, BRC and SQF 2000 certifications in addition to complying with HACCP standards.

Both Expotuna S.A and Frigolab San Mateo operate under the same strict quality controls, thus ensuring that our group of companies can continue to supply the best products through their brands, in a constant and competitive way.

Frigolab San Mateo
Frigolab San Mateo


We have a fleet of Industrial vessels and operate one of the largest fleets of fishing boats in Ecuador. Our crew is highly trained in facilities under HACCP standards.

The vessels have been designed by naval engineers and manufactured in naval steel. They have built-in cooling system specially conditioned to -13 °, to guarantee the delivery of a fresh fish from its capture to its process.

They also use the highest technology in fishing, to achieve sustainable fishing.

Our Processes

All our raw material is captured, transported, processed and stored in compliance with the required quality and safety standards, without shattering the cold chain from the beginning to the final distribution.

 State-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art facilities make a big difference thanks to the structure of vertically integrated operations as we fish the product that we sell, offering the finest fresh or frozen finely selected fish and seafood.

Cast & Crew

The transportation and distribution is done daily through our own distribution fleets nationwide, it is made up of equipped and refrigerated units to ensure the non-breaking of the cold chain, maintaining the freshness and quality of the products.


Our plants operate under strict quality standards and have national and international certifications: NSF, BRC and SQF 2000, so the quality of Alimesa products are guaranteed.