Our plants offer the market a range of sustainable products, because we know that our future depends on what we do today, that is why conservation of the environment is one of our biggest concerns.

The catch processes are in line with all established rules of sustainable fishing:

  • Respecting closed season times and areas.
  • Respecting size limits for each species.
  • Respecting established fishing miles.

Our Industrial Fishing Boats are governed by the IATTC Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission. This organization regulates and controls by sending a biologist as part of the crew so that during the capture done by our boats limits of fishing can be verified and respected; in this way the Commission certifies that our fishing is sustainable and we comply with the international standards of Industrial Fishing.

Sustainable fishing


Additionally we are part of ASOEXPEBLA White Fish Exporters Association. As founding members we have been pioneers in the development of biomass studies of marine species that we have captured, supported and provided to international NGOs such as WWF the knowledge for the conservation of marine biological diversity.